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USPTO trademark official fees increased


The new fee standard of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has been implemented on January 2, 2021.

Initial application fee for electronic filing

Option 1: TEAS PlusOption 2: TEAS Standard
$250 per class of goods/services$350 per class of goods/services

The cost of attaining a trademark varies depending upon the filing basis selected, and which initial application form is used. Each of these filing options have specific requirements that impact the fee amount. There are certain factors used to calculate the filing fee for an initial application, and you should be familiar with these factors before accessing the new application forms:

  1. Number of marks: Only one mark may be filed per application. If you have multiple marks, they require separate applications, each with its own filing fee

  2. Number of classes: You must pay for each class of goods and/or services in the application. For example, if the application is for one mark but the mark is used on goods in two different classes, such as computer software in Class 9 and t-shirts in Class 25, then a filing fee for two classes is required before the application could be approved.

  3. Application filing option selectedTEAS Plus and TEAS Standard

Possible additional fees for intent-to-use applications

  1. Requesting extension of time to show use of mark (if not part of initial application): $125 per class; and/or

  2. Showing use (if not part of initial application): $100 per class.

After mark registers

1.    Filing Declaration of Use after 5 Years (§8 declaration): $225 per class (if filed before the grace period); 
2.    Filing Declaration of Use after 5 years (§8 declaration) combined with Declaration of Incontestability (§15 declaration): $425 per class (if filed before the grace period);
3.    Filing Declaration of Use and Application for Renewal every 10 years (Combined §8 declaration and §9 renewal): $525 per class (if filed before the grace period).
4.    Filing Declaration of Incontestability (§15 declaration): $200 per class.

Note: Additional fees will be required if filing within the grace period. 

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